Berlin | An international capital full of multicultural cuisines

Berlin is the definition of a multicultural, international city. More than 180 nationalities leave in Germany’s capital while 1/3 of the city’s total population has its origins from abroad.

Why do we mention the above in a post regarding food in Berlin? To explain why the capital is full of international restaurants of course! Here is more than easy to find cuisine from all over the globe, alongside traditional German taverns, pubs, and modern innovative restaurants!

On this post you will find only restaurants that we visited and we really liked what they served us!


Spindler restaurant entrance

If you are like us and you enjoy the morning restaurant experience, but you are simply lazy to get there for breakfast then brunch is the solution and we found in Spindler!

Spindler is a restaurant that provides extensive options regarding brunch, lunch, and dinner. We were there of course for the brunch which turned into lunch and we finished with an amazing dessert! We wished to have a nap between the last two parts if you get what we mean ?!

There are warm and cold options, meals with meat, fish or entire vegan dishes and all of which we’ve tried were super tasty.

Inside Sendli restaurant

I ordered the so-called Eggs Roseline which was 2 poached eggs with spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds with homemade(!!) hollandaise sauce on a toasted English bread accompanied by potatoes! It sounds dreamy, right? Well, it was!

Kate ordered the Full English menu! Unbelievable right? 2 fried eggs, portobello mushrooms, a sausage, black pudding, white smoked bacon, baked beans and bread.

We also ordered a Pochierter Lachs as we couldn’t resist the salmon! A dish with our favorite fish accompanied with lemongrass, ricotta, and dill, on sourdough bread.

After a small coffee break, we decided that we should try a sweet as well! We asked them what they suggest and just trusted them! Their version of pancake with blueberry compote & powdered sugar fresh and warm! Was as good as the picture!


Humous, pie, and falafel are always a nice idea especially when you are starving! We were lucky enough to find this Israeli restaurant in Berlin when we needed it the most and at a small distance from our Bikini Berlin Hotel! 🙂

We have the habit to choose not from the restaurant’s menu but from the photos on google. Fortunately what we ordered was as delicious as was presented!

One dip-plate for two which is served with grilled pitas, labneh cheese, and 4 kinds of creams. Tahini, matbucha, babaganoush, and beetroot with the star of Israel's flag.
Who wouldn’t “dip”???

Our choices this time were vegan. One dip-plate for two which is served with grilled pitas, labneh cheese, and 4 kinds of creams. Tahini, matbucha, babaganoush, and beetroot with the star of Israel’s flag.

As the main dish, we had, what else, falafel alongside Israeli, tabule, red and white cabbage salads. Moreover, we ordered a dish called Sabich Vegan. A mix of eggplant, chickpeas, tahini and Amba sauce. It was the first time trying this one and we loved it! Do not hesitate to order Israeli wine as it is really tasty!

Falafel alongside Israeli, tabule, red and white cabbage salads and Sabich Vegan
Amazing vegan choices! Next time we will visit Feinberg’s for some meat!

Holzmarkt – Spree bank for all

Entrance of Holzmarkt
The gigantic disco ball worked as a magnet to us! LoL!

In a 15 minutes distance from the East Side Gallery, we found Holzmarkt. It was during Halloween and immediately Holzmarkt caught our attention because of its decoration in the entrance. When we entered we realized that more or less here, art and free expression are the normality all over the year.

Holzmarkt is located just next to the river and you can enjoy here your beer, pizza, or sandwich in different staged areas inside the complex. While the market is a very popular place in Berlin is not just a market. It is the result of the 2008 referendum in which 87% of the area’s resident’s demanded an open bank for the Spree river to everybody. If it wasn’t for the referendum, the entire area would be probably turned into luxury hotels, apartments, and offices.

All the pieces of art that you will see here are made from recycled materials

It is a great example of sustainable urban development and we hope soon enough the construction plans will start in order to offer to the community the internationally recognized and award-winning future project of the Holzmarkt for providing space for new forms of living and working together. 

It is definitely a must-go place in Berlin and we are looking forward to visiting again this time in the daylight.

Fireplace in Holzmarkt
You will find many fireplaces all over the timber market where you can stand and enjoy your beer!

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