Accommodation in Berlin? The 25hours Hotel Bikini ROARS!

During our first visit to the Berlin Metropolis, we were lucky enough to discover and book our stay in the Bikini Berlin Hotel. There are around a dozen reasons not to look further if there is an available room here!

The perfect location

The Bikini Berlin is located just next to one of the most famous Zoo Parks in the world. The Berlin Zoological Garden and Aquarium. It is amazing the fact that in the heart of Berlin you can find this enormous park which offers quiet relaxation and the ability to enjoy nature.

Bikini Berlin Hotel has been designed by taking advantage of its unique position. Especially the rooms facing the park offer a super quiet and relaxing environment with the sounds of nature. If you are a sports lover you will appreciate the access to the park and the ability to enjoy a morning jogging just before you start your day.

The Großer Tiergarten is just next to the Hotel Bikini Berlin!
Good things happen when you smile – or when you’re naked! @25hourshotelbikiniberlin

The hotel is just 3 stations away from Berlin’s central’s train station, half an hour from the airport and 10 minutes from the center. In the neighborhood, you will find in a five minutes walk, both the bus and the S-Bahn station!

Moreover from the Berlin Zoological Garden bus station, which is just next to the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, you can catch BUS 100. It is a double-decker bus and using a regular ticket you can enjoy all the main attractions of the German capital until Alexanderplatz on a budget!

A Hotel with Character!

The hammock in Bikini Berlin Hotel with view to the zoo
We never had a hammock just next to our bed, especially with this kind of view!

What we liked the most was that the Hotel Bikini Berlin has character. Inspired from the Zoo Park the owners of Bikini Berlin designed a playful, without taboos, and stereotypes hotel, that makes the guest enjoy the moment that he will enter the elevator. Or actually, the moment that he will cross the main door!

The reception, the rooms, the monkey bar, the breakfast room. All of them are full of colors, paintings, posters – we loved the Studio 54 posters in the monkey bar – and modern furniture. We can say that 25hours hotels are investing a lot in interior design and we endorse that!

The Room

We booked the Medium Jungle room, as they call it, with a view of the zoo of Berlin. What are the highlights of the room? The fact that the shower was separated only with a curtain, which obviously makes it perfect for couples 🙂 and the hammock next to the full-frame picture windows with the astonishing view of the entire Berlin Park.

We were amazed when we opened the windows and we had all those beautiful sounds coming from the park. No cars, no horns nothing. The feeling is that you stay in a forest and not in the center of Berlin. If you have sleeping problems we guarantee that you will sleep like birds :-).

In one of the rooms of Hotel Bikini Berlin

The room itself is neither big nor a small one. It is a well-spaced organized room that offers whatever you may need. Have in mind though that the Bikini Hotel offers even bigger rooms called Large Jungle or Extra Large Urban with a view of the city!

The breakfast

The amazing breakfast in Bikini Berlin Hotel
The breakfast in Bikini Berlin is exactly what you expect from a hotel of its level!

We L O V E breakfast. Most of the time we will book hotels with breakfast and we will choose those that offer a buffet. Not for the quantity but for the variety!

The breakfast hall is on the same floor as the Monkey Bar. It offers a panoramic view of the city and it is in the same mood as the rest of the hotel. We loved the omelet with bacon, the yogurt, the delicious fresh warm rice milk, the cheeses, and of course the coffee and the variety of teas!

The Monkey Bar

Drinking a glass of wine in Bikini Berlin Hotel Monkey Bar

It is called Monkey Bar because from here you can see the monkeys from the Berlin Zoo. Every single night the Bar has queue lines for entering and that’s why because it has one of the best views of the city and to the Zoo. Moreover, they organize every night of the week parties with DJs and once a while even concerts.

We bet it will be even better during the summertime and of course when people are free of masks.

The Sauna

Enjoying the sauna in Bikini Berlin Hotel
Is not showing in the photo but there is a fridge full with beers in the sauna room!

Not all hotels offer the sauna at no extra cost. The Bikini Berlin Hotel though does! Available to all the customers with the ability to book the entire place by yourself if you want so, the sauna offers a great view of the zoo in a relaxing minimalist interior.

Get ready to sweat and detox!

The personnel

In the end of the day when you are going to stay in a hotel either for leisure or for business you want to feel comfortable, cozy and welcomed.

This is what we felt in 25hours Bikini Hotel Berlin. We are looking forward to enjoy their hospitality in the future in Berlin once again, yes- we are definitely going to visit again soon, or in one of their many branch hotels around the world!

So before you book your stay in any other hotel in the city we highly recommend checking if there are available rooms here!

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