Where to pass the New Year’s Eve!

As the time is passing and we are closer to a New Year Celebration we decided to write an article with our experiences of this particular event around the world. We will update this post every year with new destinations and ideas and of course photos!

India GOA Arambol beach!

We will not hide it! We like to pass the winter in areas that have summer! To lay on the beach during the day and prepare for the New Year’s Eve in the afternoon! For sure we do not take out of our bucket list a New Years’ Eve in a ski resort in Austria or the Time’s Square of New York and we are waiting for this chance also to come!

Goa is a state totally different from the rest of India. It is a highly touristic area with visitors mostly from Europe. During that night the big seafront of GOA is turning in a huge party area! People of all kinds of cultures, ethnicities, and regions of our small planet are enjoying the fireworks and the music!

Parties with rock, pop, electronic and especially trance music are taking place until early in the morning. You can get drunk or you may not, you can be with your couple or with your friends. Nobody judges in GOA and everybody are free!

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Singapore, the fireworks event!

After a New Year’s Eve in Singapore, you will not be that excited for fireworks anymore! Singaporeans are preparing every year an event that will blow your mind and give you memories that last! Whatever they will prepare it will include fireworks, drones show and acrobatic performers.

You may be a part of the event in the first seats, but you can enjoy the show from one of the many skyscraper’s rooftops bars in the Marina area. Whatever you may choose to do, pre-book your ticket or the table in advance!

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