Where to Stay in Nafplio: Discover Top Hotels in the Old City Centre

Nafplio, a stunning blend of history and beauty, is not just about what you see but also where you rest your head at night. In this post, we’ll dive into the heart of Nafplio’s old city center, a place where every cobblestone whispers stories of the past. You’ll discover why staying here isn’t just a choice—it’s an experience! We’ve curated a list of the top boutique hotels, with the delightful Castellano Hotel & Suites taking the lead.

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Benefits of Staying in the Old City Centre

Staying in the old city center of Nafplio is an enchanting experience that combines historical charm, accessibility, atmospheric evenings, and authentic cuisine. This part of the city is a living museum, where every street and building tells a story, rich with historical sites and timeless architecture that captivate the imagination.

Its location offers unparalleled ease of access to Nafplio’s famous landmarks, along with an array of charming cafes and local shops just a leisurely stroll away. As night falls, the old town reveals its vibrant soul, transforming into a picturesque scene perfect for romantic walks and soaking in the local life.

Additionally, the city center is a haven for food lovers, placing you right at the heart of Nafplio’s culinary scene. Here, you can indulge in the flavors of Greece at traditional tavernas and modern eateries, each offering a taste of authentic local cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds and makes your stay even more memorable.


Nafplio’s Finest: A Curated List of Boutique Hotels for a Memorable Stay

Breakfast on demand in our room!! Koudos to Castellano Hotel & Suites!

In this list, we have gathered the crème de la crème of hotels that stand out for their personalized service, elegant design, and intimate atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, these hotels will provide the perfect backdrop to your Nafplio adventure.

  1. Castellano Hotel & Suites: Castellano Hotel & Suites, nestled in the heart of Nafplio’s Old City, offers an immersive experience in the town’s historical and cultural setting. The hotel blends elegant comfort with the unique charm of the city, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a blend of history, luxury, and convenience.
  2. Ilion Hotel: Located in the center of the Old Town, overlooking Syntagma Square, Ilion Hotel was once the residence of a 19th-century mayor. It offers classical furnishings and rooms with different themes.
  3. Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel: This luxury hotel in the heart of Nafplio’s old city offers modernly furnished rooms, providing a comfortable and stylish stay.
  4. Ippoliti Hotel: Housed in a 19th-century neoclassical mansion, Ippoliti Hotel combines Tuscan furniture with modern conveniences, set in a luxurious mansion-like atmosphere.
  5. Aetoma Hotel: Known for its excellent traveler ratings, Aetoma Hotel provides great views and is a popular choice among visitors for its location and services.
  6. Amfitriti Palazzo: A designer boutique hotel in a Neoclassical building, Amfitriti Palazzo is located below the Acronafplia Castle and offers rooms with colorful accents and views over the Old Town and Bay of Nafplio .

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