10 things to do in Arambol beach -Goa

Apart from enjoying the beautiful sandy beach, the area offers plenty of options to entertain. We gathered in a must-do things list the 10 activities and tips that you should do before you leave.

1. Bargain

Whatever is the price bargain. You will be able to drop the price on many occasions lower than the half. Ok sometimes we overused this option it is true

– Kate: How much is the price?
– Seller : is 20 rupees (€0.24, $0.28) madam
– Kate: Ohhh. Is so expensive
– Me: *&^^%#$^@(*&@(_)_

2. Don’t miss the parties

Goa and especially Arambol beach, are known for their nightlife and the parties they organize from the late 1980s. Parties with trance, Psychedelic and Techno are held for years in the area offering unique experiences. If you are not a fan of electronic music though, you can still find clubs, mostly beach clubs, with other options as well.

3. Paragliding from the cliff to the beach

We missed the chance to enjoy the view from above but was not uncommon at all watching paragliders during the day landing in the beach with or without instructors. The price, around 3000 rupees (€37, $42), is not high at all for what you are going to enjoy, a unique view of the 2.5 kilometers length.

Do not miss the chance of paragliding in Arambol beach

4. Buy coconut and pineapple from the sellers in the beach

If you really want to know how those two great fruits taste, do not miss the chance to taste them in Goa. In our case, the cute woman of the photo offered us an unbelievable juicy pineapple and an amazing coconut while we were on the beach. She was carrying all the fruits by herself but her smile was like Magic’s Johnson!

Choosing which fruits we would like to have. Mistake! She knows better!
Enjoying fresh coconut for first time!

The way she prepared us for the fruits and her technique are something that you do not meet in Europe. Regarding the coconut ask her to give you a “madden” one where you can eat from the inside walls the jelly coconut with the improvised coconut spoon.

Fresh coconut in Arambol Beach – Goa India

5. Have fun with surfing lessons

Surf Wala is a group of international surfers, Jono Young, Chrishan Schoener from UK and Anton Hagen from Russia. The three of them live in Goa and they are dedicated to what they love the most. Surfing. 

Beginner or experienced Surf Wala is the place that you can either take your first lessons or to rent equipment and enjoy yourself at affordable prices.

The instructors will teach you the secrets of the sport and they will encourage you until you will get it. Surf Wala is one of the gems regarding the stuff and its services on every way in Goa. Don’t miss it.

Surfing in Arambol Beach – Goa India

6. Enjoy the sunset

Either from the mountain or from the beach the combination of the Arabian sea view with the sun is amazing. The sky with colors that cannot be captured from the cameras is worth to be your theater for every afternoon of your stay.

Sunset in Arambol Beach – Goa India

7. Himalayan lyengar Yoga Center

Goa’s Yoga center is open from early November until the end of March. It is located in the center of Arambol and alongside with its services offers accommodation as well.

For staying in the Yoga center’s facilities is necessary to book before your arrival by email at info@hiyogacentre.

During the season they are running five-day courses starting every Wednesday. There are also intensive courses like Yoga and Ayurveda and special courses for the back pains that last 10 days. Regarding the courses, it is better to visit their website and contact them via email in order to find the program that fits your needs the best.

8. Paliem Lake, the Arambol’s sweet lake

The famous Paliem Lake of Arambol combines the view of the mountain from the three sides and the ocean from the fourth one. It is one of the hidden gems in Arambol. The water is quite cold but it is clean and you will get used to it fast anyway.

There are no waves at all and is the perfect place to take this palm trees photo view of your vacation.

9. Shopping in Arambol’s market

During the afternoons we enjoyed walking several times on the main Arambol’s street. It is full of markets selling mostly local or hippy style products.

All the shops are clean (in many occasions you even have to remove your shoes to enter) and in contrast with other areas in India the street food is safe to taste. Don’t lose the opportunity to buy Indian spices for home, especially if you are a lover of the spicy food and again bargain before you agree to the price!

All the above will be even better if you combine them with a local guide from Get your Guide who will present you all the hidden experiences that GOA hides regarding the gastronomic pleasures :-)!

Goa is the place in India that you can buy street food without any fear.

10. Pass one New Year’s Eve in Arambol beach

Last but not least is something that you should pass at least once in your lifetime. New Year’s Eve in Arambol beach. Maybe the fireworks are not like Singapore’s Marina but Goa gives you an experience beyond the luxury of other areas in the world.

We went to our favorite place with the amazing food. Having a wine from home we enjoyed a dinner that barely was costing 1000 rupees (€12, $14). From 11p.m. hundreds of people came in the seafront waiting for the year change.

All the beachfront bars were ready having their own fireworks each and from nowhere the countdown started. To say the truth, we didn’t even know the time because the only thing we were taking with us from the room all those days was the camera.

No smartphones and for sure no watches. And that is the magic of Goa at the end of the day. All the people, regardless of ethnicities having fun, wishing for the new year to strangers to every kind of language.

Something that we never lived somewhere else in our lives until now

New Year Eve in Arambol Beach – Goa India

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