View of Singapore from Gardens By the Bay

7 must-do things in Singapore!

No matter how much you are going to stay in Singapore, you must experience the 7 highlights that we describe below!! For the basics of Singapore read “The amazing Singapore” article! We didn’t, unfortunately, stayed long so here you will find the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

1. Bike around the city and Marina area

When we visited the first time Singapore the trend of the electric scooters was in its zenith. What we were going to miss the most was renting a scooter or bicycle and discovering the city. The seafront of Singapore is just admirably while making the round of Sentosa with a bike is a must.

2. Drink a beer or have lunch at Marina Bay Sands

One of the most impressive hotels in the world is the Marina Bay Sands and is one of the top Singapore attractions. If you are not that lucky to stay there, do not miss the opportunity of visiting it anyway. It hosts the biggest rooftop pool, the well-known Infinity Pool and the view is amazing. Unfortunately, the entrance to the pool is only available to the Hotel guests but you may enjoy lunch or dinner in the Italian restaurant, LAVO.

Enjoy sight and drink in LAVO Italian bar restaurant in Marina Bay Sands hotel of Singapore
Εnjoy sight and drink at the same price, more or less, with a simple visit to the observatory deck

We preferred to purchase one pass which included a drink in LAVO, than paying an admission ticket for the observation deck. The price was more or less the same. LAVO is a little bit higher from the deck and you take also the beer.

3. Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens of Singapore are stated as the national gardens from 1822 and the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of the country. The entrance is free and the Gardens are open from 5 a.m. to 12 at midnight.

We suggest you to plan the visit on a Saturday alongside with a guided tour. It is also free but you have to register prior to your visit. You will definitely need a map and a day to explore all the gardens!

We hope you will enjoy it and may the nature awareness be planted to you! 🙂

4. Universal Studios in Sentosa

A place for all the family and couples as well. Purchase the fast pass online and save time and money!

If you want fun things to do in Singapore then Universal Studios in Sentosa is the place for you. A place for the young and the “Young Forever” (Alphaville – Forever Young) !! Say hello in the entrance of the amazingly realistic TRANSFORMERS, “travel” to Egypt and say hello to the mummy or even begin your (not ours 😆 😆 ) new hobby rock climbing!!

Try to say hi to Optimus Prime from far away….
…and he will reply to you!!!

It will be like you never been if you don’t take a ride with one of the two Battlestar Galactica spaceships! Either of the Cylons’ or humans’! Both of them are amazing and maybe the Cylons’ ride is a little bit more …scary. Anyway, Kate couldn’t stop screaming in either of those two rides!!

Egypt thematic park in Universal studios of Singapore in Sentosa
Universal studios of Singapore in Sentosa
Universal studios of Singapore in Sentosa
Universal studios of Singapore in Sentosa

5. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By the Bay is one of the best places to visit in Singapore and you combine it with the visit to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There is a direct overpass from the Hotel’s complex to the Gardens. A project that brings the vision of creating a City (Singapore) inside a Garden.

What impressed us the most, especially in the night, was the Bay’s Supertrees. 25 to 50 meters tall, designed for shade in the day and sound-lights show in the night the known, Garden Rapsody. It takes place daily from 19.45 and lasts for an hour. Go before 19.00 to grab a good spot 😉 !

25 to 50 meters tall, the trees look impressive in the daylight and even more during the night show
25 to 50 meters tall, the trees look impressive in the daylight and even more during the night show

Don’t miss also the Flower Dome. The biggest glass greenhouse in the world as listed from 2015 in the Guinness records. Flowers and plants from the Mediterranean will impress even the people from Greece!

Gardens by the Bay exhibits are continuously increased from time to time and is better before to make your excursion to visit the official website, purchase your tickets and even better to book a guided tour in order to discover and learn more for our planet!

The first award came in 2009 for “The Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project” acknowledging the design. No year passed from 2009 until today, that has not been honored from International Committees. For sure they will continue collecting awards for the years to come.

6. Have breakfast with Orangutans in Singapore Zoo

It sound’s like Africa vacations, right? Well, it is not! Right there, in Singapore, in one of the “25 most high-tech cities in the world”, you can actually feel like Mowgli!! Hmm. Maybe not exactly, as the breakfast will have more options than he had and in the end of the day, for sure you will not need to use the banana peel! Make the photo with the orangutan’s family that will make all your friends smile and will give you a pretty beautiful memory and story to share! Be fast and accurate because they will come only for a half an hour!

Other than the award-winning and first-of-its-kind dining experience of the breakfast, the Zoo hosts more or less 300 species, many of them threatened, and is designated to rescue the wildfire. 2400 animals are waiting for you to meet them, feed them, make us aware of their needs and our responsibilities. Whether you are coming as a couple or with kids this an amazing, internationally known attraction. Do not miss it!

7. Visit Sentosa island

Sentosa Island is an entire chapter for Singapore that may need a separate guide. You would probably need a week of vacations to explore all the small and big treasures around the island. Even if you do not have this week it is worth it to spend one day and walk or “bike” around.

Sentosa Express, a monorail fully elevated train, connects HarbourFront with the island. It works from 7:00 to 00:00 and has trips every 3 minutes. The trips inside Sentosa (between Resorts World and Beach stations) and to Singapore are for free but arriving at the island will cost you $4 SGD.

One (of the many) things that impressed us was the walking pavement from Imbiah station to Skyline Luge which is clearly inspired by Gaudi’s Trencadís or also known as broken tile mosaics. Follow our map below!

Gaudi's technique Trencadís (broken tile - mosaics) in Sentosa island of Singapore
Gaudi’s technique Trencadís (broken tile – mosaics) in Sentosa island of Singapore
Sunset in Wings of Time beach in Sentosa of Singapore
Sunset in Wings of Time beach in Sentosa of Singapore

Close your day observing the beautiful sunset in Wings of time beach. Do not hesitate to take a bath in the sandy seafront! 

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