Santorini –  A breathtaking balcony miracle of the nature

There are thousands of posts for this beautiful Cyclades island, Santorini. An island that was named after a Venetian church called Santa Irene which was located either in Perissa or on the island opposite Santorini, Thirasia.

Where to stay in Santorini

The best breakfast we ever had

Usually, our approach to accommodation is that the room is only for a night of sleep. Even if we like the “value for money” options sometimes. With that state of mind, we were considering staying in one of the many beautiful hotels East of Santorini and visiting daily Imerovigli and Oia.

The most important advice from us is that if you decide to visit the island, you MUST stay in Imerovigli! For sure you have seen on TikTok, Instastories, etc. the wonderful hotels, the beautiful sunsets, and the mornings overlooking the caldera. Well in real life actually the experience of staying in Imerovigli is a thousand times better compared to the photos and can’t be captured on a camera. Only in memories.

What we agreed without a second thought after stepping out to our balcony is that the view itself motivates you to visit the island again and again.

The prices are indeed spicy, but we could say that they are perhaps low compared to other, sometimes not even that popular, destinations in Europe (Hamburg, Barcelona), and the provided services are often much higher!

We preferred and will definitely visit again Thea Apartments in the future. The Thea Apartments is a hotel in the heart of Imerovigli, with a panoramic view from every opening, fantastic service and rooms made with love.

A nice story is that the grandfather of the family, who renovated all the rooms, is the same man who also built the beautiful little church in Imerovigli. This proposal is not an advertising product. We got closer to the owners during a sunset and got to know the history of the area a little bit better.
The view from our balcony

Ia – Oia (pronounced “Ea”)

The classic domes of Santorini from a different angle. Without having to wait half an hour in a line

Oia is admittedly one of the most beautiful cities or rather would say one of the most beautiful communities in Greece. Countless churches with blue domes, white houses and high aesthetic shops together with the incredible view, rightfully so gather most of the lights on the island.

Where to eat in Santorini

We are probably the least qualified to advise you on which restaurants to visit in Santorini. Having spent 5 days on another beautiful Aegean island on the same holiday, Milos, we felt Santorini was a “tourist trap” when it came to food. Yes, some restaurants may have quite a good cuisine (rumors say), but the prices you will encounter are unfortunately unreal. Of course, if you are coming from Copenhagen you will perhaps feel at home!

There are restaurants in Imerovigli, with an amazing view but they were quite empty. In contrast of course to other popular tourist destinations in Greece like Chania where you will need a reservation even if a restaurant is somewhere hidden.

Having the best view of the island from our room, we honestly didn’t want to spend our afternoon anywhere else. There are several mini markets in the area, but we preferred one of the big stores on the island with a little bit better prices. We stocked up on cheeses, hams and some of Santorini’s best and world-famous wines such as Nychteri and simply enjoyed the unique view.

The Thea Apartments also have a small kitchen in the rooms, so we could easily prepare something hot if we wanted to.

Nothing more delightful of same greek mezedes

Full-day excursion to Nea Kameni and Thirassia

One of our favorite activities in Santorini was the day trip which included a dip in the hot springs, a visit and tour of the volcano Nea Kameni, boating in the caldera, and a three-hour or so stop in Thirasia.

Our first stop was Nea Kameni, Santorini’s volcano, one of the most dangerous spots on earth with 24/7 surveillance. During our visit, we learned a lot about the island that we were not aware such us the island’s name origin, and many historical facts!

It is not a short walk in Santorini’s volcano so gear up with water and some decent tracking shoes!

More information about the National Geological Park can be found here while you can book tickets for the excursion directly from our site!

The three-hour stop in Thirasia was just what we needed for a delicious classic Greek lunch right next to the sea. The prices are much more earthy compared to Santorini but also the environment much less “poshy” ??. Also, even though the area is rocky, many people enjoy bathing since the waters are crystal clear.

The “Pompeii” of Thira Peninsula

What does the Suez Canal have in common with the island of Santorini? When in 1866 the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps used material from the island to insulate the canal, the prehistoric city of Akrotiri came to light. A city that is estimated to have been inhabited for the first time in 4500 BC!

Almost 17 centuries prior to the destruction of Pompeii another city was buried under the ashes due to the catastrophic eruption of a volcano. The volcano of Thira. Unfortunately, only a small part has been excavated to date. The ticket to the museum costs €12 and includes visits to two more museums. The Archaeological Museum of Fira and the Archaeological Site of Ancient Thera in Kamari.

Travel to the past with a digital illustration of the house

The sunset in Santorini

It’s late afternoon. The sailboats take up a position in Caldera’s cove and most of the island’s visitors crowd into Oia’s castle. Having chosen to stay in one of the most ideal spots for the sunset alone all we had to do was go back to our room and enjoy this wonder of nature.

Some afternoons we just experimented with the camera and some we just lived in the moment. The sunset in Santorini will not disappoint even the most demanding. After all, that’s what you came to the island for.

Don’t think that the moonlight caldera has something to jealous over the

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