Fiordo di furore bridge from a drone

How to reach the picturesque Fiordo di furore | Car, Bus, Bike, Boat

Fiordo di furore is one of the most picturesque sceneries in the entire Mediterranean. This wonderful beach is located just in the middle between Positano and Amalfi!

As we mentioned in our main article for Naples, approaching the beach can be tricky and challenging since there are no dedicated parking slots for cars or even bikes.

Fiordo di furore by car

Visiting Fiordo di furore with a car is the most challenging. Some posts that you will read say that you can park along the highway. We guarantee that this is not the case here. You cannot park on the highway since it is very narrow and full of traffic including a lot of buses.

We had to do our homework in order to find where to park the car and if there was actually a path from that point towards the beach. For this reason, we had to switch on the satellite mode in google maps 😁!

First, you have to drive to Salita Portella. You may find directions by clicking here. It is not official parking but there is no sign that it is forbidden either and there is a space for a couple of cars (depending how popular this post will become 😆.

When you will make the last turn towards Salita Portella, the road is two ways but only one car can fit. This means that for approximately 500 meters you just hope that will be no car coming from the opposite way. In the worst-case scenario going in reverse for some meters will not be that challenging.

Right on the spot that you will park you will see the beginning of a lovely path which will lead you straight to Fiordo di furore! Coming back though can be challenging since it is a 20 minutes uphill path!

Path towards to Fiordo di furore. Where to park the car in fiordo di furore
As easy is going down is that hard is to go up!

Fiordo di furore by SITA Bus

Visiting Fiordo di furore by bus probably is the cheapest way but still, you will have to walk a little bit since the bus stop is not just outside the Fiordo di furore. You can get the bus from many cities on the Amalfi Coast and you reach the beach stress free and fast. Just remember to get informed about the schedule and be on time for the stop when it passes for your return.

You can find the bus schedule here.

By motorbike or bicycle

We have to admit here that the most convenient way to visit Fiordo di furore is with a small Motorbike. Unlike cars, you will be able to find some small spots right and left of the highway without interrupting the traffic.

Fiordo di furore by boat

Perhaps the easiest way but the most expensive also is visiting the Fiordo di furore by boat. There is a huge variety of excursions starting from almost every point on the Amalfi Coast and include the visit to Fiordo di furore.

The scenery in Fiordo di furore is just amazing!
The scenery in Fiordo di from the beach

Note though that by boat you cannot reach the seafront except if you swim until there. The boats sail until only the entrance of Fiordo di furore.

If you do not walk at least in the last part of the path towards the beach you will lose a lot of the magic that the place has to offer!

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